Support us and your relatives

We welcome gifts and legacies from individuals and there are two ways in which you can support our work:

- Firstly by making an outright gift or legacy. This will enable us to expand our support for organisations supporting people with a learning disability.

- Secondly, by including a Letter of Wishes. with your gift or legacy. This enables families to have a simple means of ensuring that financial support can always follow a relative, no matter which organisation provides the care service. Whilst the Trustees cannot formally accept any conditions attached to these wishes and they have no legal binding on them whatsoever, they can take them into account when distributing funds. In this way families can avoid the need to protect their support with complex trust arrangements.

In order to record “letters of wishes” we maintain a register of gifts, legacies and related “letters of wishes”. To ensure that service providers have details of the finance available we write formally to the relevant care manager each year to remind them of the existence of these funds so that they are able to make an application for funding when an appropriate need arises.

If you wish to leave a gift or legacy in this way, we recommend that you consult your solicitor, who will be able to assist in drafting the wording of your “letter of wishes”.

We have developed a sample Letter of Wishes. to help you.

In the case of a legacy, your will and wishes are private, but should you wish to advise us of your intentions, they will remain confidential.